Monday, August 30, 2010

Common Core Standards - Mathematical Practices

For those of your following the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics - there is an emphasis on the ways in which students demonstrate their understanding and learning of mathematics each day. Referenced in the document as "Standards for [Student] Mathematical Practice (or SMP's) there are 8 specific SMP's for teachers to embrace as students experience the mathematics Teaching and Learning in a very action oriented and engaged environment...

Although there is some room in the lesson design for teacher modeling of skills and understanding, the SMP does call for and require teachers to plan for continuous and on-going student demonstrations of knowledge and understanding - through conjectures, communication with other students, explanations, reasoning and sense-making. Procedural fluency is not and will not be sufficient any longer. In fact, it is the hope of the CCSS that through teaching for understanding - procedural fluency will be enhanced.

To learn more about the details of the CCSS SMP's you can click here and download a pdf of the 8 mathematical practices. As you begin to think about how to implement these student practices into your daily planning remember that:

The 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice – place an emphasis on student demonstrations of learning…

“What we as teachers do, doesn’t matter nearly as much as how our students experience what we do”

Daily, we know what it is we do… the SMP's challenge us to think about: How do we know how the students experience it?

More insight on these practices in future blogs....

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