Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NCSM Baltimore Seminar October 2010

To all of our leadership friends and Colleagues that attended the Baltimore Seminar:
On behalf of Diane Briars, Skip Fennell (with 2 L's) and Phil Daro, thank you for taking the time to attend our CCSS Seminar. It was a great day for all and the positive feedback we have received on the day was remarkable.
I have enclosed in this message a copy of the Morning Session Powerpoint - you can click here to receive the message.
As a reminder, I would encourage you to go to the achieve website at for the latest information on the CCSS. You should also know that NCTM also has a portion of their website dedicated to the CCSS as well.

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  1. Hi Tim! I was hoping to get a copy of the powerpoint, but the link posted doesn't seem to work. I clicked on others embedded in the blog and viewed successfully, so I think there must be a glitch with this one. Can you check it out?