Saturday, January 8, 2011

Connecting Vision to Your Decision-Making

How well do you connect your vision/core beliefs and the sources that inform your beliefs to your decision making throughout the year?

A vision cannot be true or false but ultimately is evaluated against other possible directions for you, your class or classes you teach, the school or the school district. Does your current vision for teaching and learning paint a picture that is better or worse than current practice? More or less appropriate? More or less energizing? More or less aspiring?

Here is an activity you could try over the the next week or so. Connect your vision and your daily decision making to the Sources that Inform that vision and decision-making process:

Write down every decision you make — large or small, next week. Next to that decision, write down the factors or reasons for that decision and list the source that informs that specific decision. For example, was the sourcett educational research, a mentor, a national or state level recommendation, a field-based observation, a core personal belief, etc.? You can use a basic table such as the one below.

At the end of one week, what do you notice about the patterns in your decision-making as a school teacher and leader? As you enter into 2nd Semester, what seems to be your primary actions that support your personal vision as well as the vision of the school? More importantly, what are the sources that inform your decisions? Are those sources reliable and steeped in field based research for best practice ?

I'd love to hear form you if you do this activity and let me know what you discover about your daily decision -making rationale.

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