Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great Experiences at Authorspeak!

This week I am attending Authorspeak, a new event for Solution Tree that presents the voices of their authors (of recent books) and provides an opportunity for more than one thousand school leaders to learn, plan and interact together.

In the past two days I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful writers, educators, publishing experts, and thought leaders on every topic from School leadership, to 21st Century skills, to RTI, , PLC's at Work, Literacy, Assessment and more...

Today I had the chance to interact and work with many conference attendees during the course of two presentations. My sincere thanks for taking the time to attend both sessions and for you interest not only in the Five Disciplines book, but the Principal's mathematics book as well!

At the Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders session we defined a PLC Leadership Discipline as a Set of actions you intentionally practice, through continuous training, to improve your ability to lead in your N-S-E-W sphere of Influence. For a PDF of the Powerpoint presentation, and for information on the book, and its resources for your own professional development, you can click on the picture.

For those of you in a attendance, I hope you find some Quadrant II time this weekend, and remember, watch out for the Quadrant III drift! 

For those that attended our Principal's Mathematics Session (with Diane Briars and Skip Fennell), I will add those links to this site tomorrow! 

In the meantime, remember, Your first responsibility as a leader is to define reality, your last is to say thank you, and in between the two, you must become a servant of others - understanding that PLC's are a really great thing, but they are not soft. In the end it is your leadership of others that will close the performance gap on that defined reality!  

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