Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving 2015!

It is coming! A week from next Thursday!
It is such an understated holiday
It is an unheralded day that refuses to be glamorized
It is a national holiday where stores are closed (or should be)

It is so healthy, so encouraging…
It is so quiet! No jingles to sing! No gifts to buy!
It is just – a day…to…be…thankful
To look around and within and say


Thanksgiving provides that bit of a break we desperately need
Thanksgiving provides a time of reflection
Sometimes a time of painful awareness
How fragile life can be.

Thanksgiving celebrates those we love
Their spirit in our life
When we most need to hear it
Their grace and their passion
Their direction provided, to us
Their humility as a demonstration of strength, for us

This 2015 Thanksgiving
Connects me to 35 years of a friendship
Of personal and professional paths beaten and forged together
Of love and respect
Of reaching out and reaching within
With a joyful heart
Even though there is sadness
Too much sometimes

For what else is there to do?
How else should we really live?
Other than from a place of joy
Other than with a grateful heart
Even in times of grit and pain
Even in times of fears and tears
For there is also warmth and love

And so
This Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving
I will not let my friends’ Stage 4 Cancer win
I will not let it rob joy from my heart
Or the hearts of all of those that love his gifted soul
His authentic wonderment for them
This Thanksgiving
I will celebrate the joy Rick DuFour brings to this life!   

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